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Grant Downie

Melbourne based Speaker
  • Speaker – Governance, Business Strategy and Implementation Planning, Teamwork, Leadership, Change Management, Culture Improvement Strategies, Women in Leadership
  • Coach – Facilitated sessions for individual businesses
  • Mentoring – Individualised mentoring support for professionals

Less than 25% of major change efforts, including technology projects, and merger integrations, ever realise the benefits laid out in their business cases. The element most frequently omitted or mismanaged is People and Culture. Grant is a specialist in designing and delivering effective change that includes people and is linked to real commercial results.

Grant excels in situations of transition; merger integration, corporate restructures and the implementation phase of major projects. With more than 20 years of experience across a range of sectors and enterprise types, Grant works with leaders and program teams ensuring all stakeholders for the change have been identified and plans are in place to effectively engage them as willing partners in the transformation.

Presenter – Grant is one of Australia’s foremost experts on Career Transition to Startups, Strategic Planning and Development in Not for Profits and Leadership for Strategy – Culture Alignment. His experience working with diverse organisations of varying sizes and types, allows him the insight, skills and capacity to work with Boards, Senior Executive Management Teams, Project Teams and Staff at all levels.
Group Based Facilitator – Grant has proven results working with organisations to develop innovative strategies and practical change implementation processes to ensure success.
Coaching/Mentoring – Working with Grant as a mentor and coach is a really motivating experience. He both challenges your way of thinking, and supports you to develop creative solutions to workplace issues. He is highly intuitive and knows when to push and when to nurture.


  • Speaker – Startup as Career, Business Strategy and Implementation Planning, Business Model Innovations, CEO – Board: Effective Working Relationships in NFPs, Governance, Leadership, Change Management, Strategy Culture Alignment, Women in Leadership
  • Coach – Facilitated sessions for leadership teams and talent development
  • Professional Development – Training in Governance, Leadership, Team Work, Motivation and Change Management
  • Mentoring – Individualised mentoring support for professionals

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