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Rob has a Bachelor of Science with majors in Anatomy & Physiology, and has been a company director for 20 years in the health and well-being industry where he designed and delivered staff development programs for hundreds organisations.  Prior to that he worked for five years in a cardiac rehabilitation program where he wrote the internationally distributed book “Better Blood Pressure”.

He has diverse experience working with people at all levels of business, cardiac patients, young offenders, elite athletes and remote island communities.  Rob also manages the “It’s Time Foundation” that he established in 2007 – the foundation replaces diesel power with solar in remote island schools.

Rob’s focus is simply to encourage people to take a brief time out in their busy lives to consider their most important asset – themselves.  And to get you thinking about sustainable actions that delivers long-term quality of life outcomes.

We can’t look after other people unless we look after ourselves first.

Rob will help your people…

  • Understand that before looking after others – it’s critical that they look after themselves
  • Identify the “easy stuff” that will help them live the life they want to live
  • Recognise important things they have been putting off and why they do it
  • Appreciate that small sustained investments of time is the key to increased effectiveness
  • Utilise a strategy for immediate and sustainable goal setting
  • Take away a range of practical tips and materials to enhance their health and well-being

And no need to take notes — everyone gets a laminated handout with heaps of tips, links and homework (yes homework!) to do what’s necessary to enjoy the quality of life they expect.

But but but …

This IS NOT a ‘get lean, get fit, don’t smoke’ lecture!! While health provides most of the examples it’s about the motivation, decision making and tools for sustained positive change: be that health, relationships, work, parenting, environment, making a difference … What is important to you? AND it’s about doing the easy stuff that’s within reach of all of us. Picking the low hanging fruit can deliver serious long-term benefits in all aspects of our lives. Sure it’s motivating, but it’s not fluff! People leave with real doable actions to immediately enhance the quality of their lives.

They will “get it!” that investing in our financial well-being is certainly wise, but investing time and astute decisions in ourselves, physically and mentally, will deliver vastly greater returns than their superannuation policy — and they will be around in good condition to enjoy the financial rewards of their life’s hard work.

  • Andrew Hoggard

    Country Manager, Sirona Dental Systems

    He had us on our feet, laughing and feeling relaxed with the complete strangers all around us and most importantly walking away with ‘can dos” I still adhere to. Rob has an important and universal message. It had a profound effect on me.  

  • Jo-Anne Reeves

    General Manager, Disability Services Australia

    I have to say thanks again. I have had such great feedback from your session. Never had that level of enthusiasm.

  • Darrell Weekes

    Director of Strategy , Attache Software

    Engaging, entertaining and educational, Rob held the audience from the moment he took the stage. A must have speaker at any conference”

A solid investment in the most important asset in business - People!

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